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HOUSTON – May 16, 2022 - FlightAware, a leading digital aviation company providing global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics and decision-making tools, announced a new solution to address the aviation industry’s reliance on inaccurate predicted taxi times. Aircraft taxi times are typically not well-modeled, and a generic estimate, using historical data is widely used. Taxi-Out Duration estimates, delivered through FlightAware Foresight™, now automatically predict airport taxi times based on quantifiable real-time factors using machine learning models thereby improving operational efficiency and increasing sustainability.

Foresight Taxi-Out Duration predictions begin hours before aircraft departure, and account for real-time variables like airport stand or gate position, transponders powered up and online, anticipated schedules, and recent arrival and departure rates.

Awareness of taxi out time helps aircraft crews meet the demands of committed take-off times and ATC slot times, as missing those penalizes both on-time performance (OTP) and passenger satisfaction. Taxi-Out Duration also identifies and leverages sustainable operations where optimal use can be made of single-engine taxi procedures, and crews are better enabled to meet on-time performance by awareness of this key time.

“Taxi-Out Duration predictions are continually updated and provide significantly more accuracy in challenging dynamic conditions than anything else currently available, allowing operators to make smarter taxi decisions and reduce cost,” said James Sulak, President of FlightAware.

Available at almost any airport, FlightAware uses a variety of data fields to calculate your precise Taxi-Out Duration, including latest airline-reported gates and off-block estimates, aircraft type, time of day, transponder codes, airport position, schedules, and recent traffic rates.

Collins Aerospace acquired FlightAware in November 2021, in part for FlightAware’s ability to deliver advanced technologies that demonstrate robust industry solutions.

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FlightAware Blog Home    FlightAware Announces New Taxi-Out Duration Prediction Increasing Operational Accuracy

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