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Super Bowl LVII: Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs

Since 1967, the Super Bowl has been an event filled with passionate fans, engaging ads, entertaining half-time shows, and football. The 2023 Super Bowl will be hosted at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on February 12.

During the four days leading into the 2022 Super Bowl (Feb 10 - Feb 13), fans and players arrived in Inglewood, California to watch the Los Angeles Rams beat out the Cincinnatti Bengals. The local airports near the tournament fielded the yearly rush, when over 1,400 business aviation jets arrived, increasing business aviation traffic by 17% from the previous four-day period (Feb 6 - Feb 9).

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On average, business aviation traffic in 2018 and 2019 increased 161% during the four days leading into the Super Bowl, often peaking the day of the game.

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2020 and 2022 showed smaller increases in business aviation traffic over the four-day period leading up to the Super Bowl; however, the game was hosted in cities that generally receive a lot of business aviation traffic. 

This year, we are expecting to see a larger increase in business aviation traffic into the Phoenix Valley area leading up to the game.
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