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In December of 2020, FlightAware announced a new partnership with Kayrros, a global asset observation platform. Kayrros is expanding its coverage of end-user oil demand with a new jet fuel service leveraging FlightAware’s real-time, historical and predictive aviation information platform, Firehose. The new service enables customers to track the consumption of jet fuel at the airport and operator levels worldwide on a daily basis. 

To give readers a more in-depth look at our partnership, we sat down with Kayrros to talk about how they are utilizing FlightAware data, and where they are heading in the future. 

Untitled design (6)fuel consumption and aircraft counts at Heathrow airport

The Kayrros platform integrates the fuel consumption figures they derive from FlightAware's ADS-B data with satellite and passenger foot traffic data to visualize the impact of lockdowns on both passenger numbers, fuel consumption and aircraft counts at Heathrow airport


How does Kayrros and its clients utilize FlightAware data?

Kayrros leverages FlightAware's vast network of ADS-B receivers to obtain real-time information on flights taking off and landing around the world. By modeling these movements, Kayrros is able to provide its customers with a comprehensive view of the amount of fuel consumed in each region. This information helps product traders make decisions on fuel trading opportunities and producers evaluate demand.

From a technical point of view, how has your experience been with the Firehose API itself?  

The Firehose API has been a pleasure to work with, integrating seamlessly into the Kayrros Platform to enable the swift building of high-frequency datasets with a reliability that can be trusted.

Is the insight you get with FlightAware's data different from what you had before?

The main benefit of using FlightAware data is the comprehensiveness of coverage. Fusing robust datasets with Kayrros proprietary technology is key to obtaining the most accurate view of global jet fuel demand. 

Do you have any success stories so far? If so, can you provide more details?

Using FlightAware's data has enabled us to complete a component of our petroleum product consumption tracking services, which helps our customers form a better view of the global crude market. Our customers have complimented the accuracy of our jet fuel demand model, which is made possible with Kayrros technology coupled with the reliability of FlightAware data.

How do you see this growing in the future?

Kayrros will continue to use FlightAware's data to make accurate estimates of current global jet fuel consumption. We will be leveraging the granularity of the Firehose data to enhance our product and work towards providing short-term forecasts of fuel consumption. Working with FlightAware has led to a great addition to our product offering, and will support our mission to deliver the most accurate, real-time data for the energy markets.

FlightAware Firehose is an enterprise-grade, real-time and predictive data feed of global aircraft ADS-B positions and flight statuses.

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FlightAware Blog Home    Partner Spotlight: Kayrros    |    Predicting Jet Fuel Consumption with FlightAware Data

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