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Have you ever wondered how we find the most tracked flights we feature on our social media platforms each week? In response to this growing interest, we aim to clarify the criteria guiding our flight choices and shed light on the frequency of these extended journeys that make up the top of our list.

Our flight selection process begins with the integration of our data with Heap Analytics - a product analytics platform - facilitating a comprehensive analysis of flight trends on a weekly basis. This integration enables us to inspect various factors to curate a list that resonates with our audience. Additionally, during our research, we meticulously inspect that each flight under consideration has no association with any untoward incidents. At FlightAware, we uphold a policy to refrain from featuring flights that have concluded in unfortunate circumstances.

Why are there so many long-haul flights? Or more importantly what even is a long-haul flight?

Long-haul flights typically refer to direct or non-stop flights with a duration ranging from 6 to 12+ hours. These flights are usually operated by widebody aircraft such as the Airbus A380, Boeing 787, or similar models and are scheduled only once or twice daily. With passenger capacities ranging from 200 to 600 or more, the significant volume of travelers being tracked by their loved ones across origin and destination cities contributes to the substantial frequency of these flights each week.

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FlightAware Blog Home    Most Tracked Flight: Why Long-Haul Flights Reign Supreme

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