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FirehoseSM is a streaming flight data feed for enterprise integrations with real-time, historical, and predictive flight data. Firehose is designed for airlines, airports, air traffic management tool providers, or anyone needing non-stop streaming of real-time flight tracking or flight status data. 

How does FlightAware collect and aggregate data?

FlightAware’s Firehose is powered by HyperFeed®, a machine learning and rules engine that uses thousands of proprietary models and algorithms to compile, evaluate and aggregate over 10,000 aircraft positions per second. HyperFeed fuses data from radar, terrestrial ADS-B, datalink, Aireon® space-based ADS-B and more to deliver the highest quality, truly global and complete flight tracking data.

Firehose is customizable, giving you the ability to choose what’s delivered based on your use case. With our platform, you will have access to a range of helpful features that enable you to track global flights, including those in the most remote parts of the world or on airport surfaces. Additionally, you can benefit from FlightAware Foresight predictions, live flight statuses, and more. 


Predicting the future with FlightAware Foresight 

FlightAware’s Foresight machine-learning algorithms are trained on the largest historical dataset, enabling us to deliver the most accurate ETA predictions and Taxi Out Duration Estimates so you can plan ahead to keep operations running smoothly in real-time.

FlightAware is central to aviation, and Firehose is your single source of truth. 
It’s the one place to get all the data you need with a best-in-class SLA and 
responsive customer service.

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Getting started with Firehose is simple

Get Firestarter, FlightAware’s free development accelerator now! Easily integrate data from Firehose into software applications of all shapes and sizes and help increase your business productivity.

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FlightAware Blog Home    Complete Real-time and Historical Flight Data with Flightaware Firehose℠

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