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Hi everyone. We’re excited to bring you the latest addition to the FlightAware website, our aviation blog. It’s a space for us to share some of the great stories coming out of FlightAware, new tech developments we’re working on, interesting insights, deep-dives into features of our products, and occasional tips for travelers.  


We often get asked “What does FlightAware do?” The truth is we do a lot. We’re an aviation intelligence company that provides real-time and predictive flight insights to all the biggest players in aviation. We synthesize data from thousands of sources across the globe and our team of amazing engineers layers on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to give the most accurate predictions on where a flight is and where it’s going. Those predictions feed decisions like gate allocation, crew allocation, and personnel allocation, driving more efficient use of already constrained resources, which saves both companies and travelers their most precious commodity: time.


Through this blog, we want to be able to share the story of how we collect data and turn it into information that powers every key aviation decision. From Google estimates, airport notification boards, airline systems managing gate flows, individual pilots establishing their flights, to the millions of travelers and their friends and families checking out our web and mobile apps to get info on their flight. It’s even used in augmented reality games like Microsoft Flight Simulator! 


Whether you’re new to our site or you’ve been using FlightAware since we started 15+ years ago, we encourage you to subscribe and join us on our journey.

FlightAware Blog Home    From the Flight Deck: The FlightAware Blog

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