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The holidays are here, and that means whether you're picking up loved ones at the airport or traveling across the country to see friends, busy skies mean a bigger chance of flight delays or even cancellations. However, with FlightAware and a little preparation, you can improve your holiday travel experience. 

Here are the Top 5 most helpful features for travelers when using FlightAware.

Number 5 - Airport Pages 
Type your airport code on the flightaware.com homepage to watch and track inbound and outbound planes in real-time. Be sure to download the free app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android before your next trip.

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Number 4 - Flight Alerts
Track your upcoming flight or the arrival of a friend or family member using either the FlightAware app or the website. You can easily and quickly select to receive email or text alerts. FlightAware's 'Minutes Out' notifications will let you know when your flight is 45 minutes away from the destination. No more wondering if your flight or your loved ones is on time. Just set an alert and you will be notified. The best part is that you control when and how you want to receive notifications.Alerts-2

Number 3 - FlightAware's  Misery Map

FlightAware's Misery Map gives you a quick glance at airports and routes with the most up-to-date info regarding impacts from delays so you can plan your travel time and ground transport more accurately.


Number 2 - Near By Me

When looking up and seeing aircraft overhead, easily find out what type of plane it is or where it is going. With FlightAware's Near By Me feature, you can quickly open your FlightAware app and tap on any aircraft to learn more about it, such as:

  • Origin Airport
  • Destination
  • Aircraft Type
  • Speed, Altitude, and More

This is a particularly fun feature to explore with the kids. 

Number 1 - Where Is My Plane?

To use this feature, just type in your flight number and click to see where your aircraft is coming from and, more importantly, if it's going to be on time. For example, if the gate information says your flight is departing in 45 minutes, but you see on FlightAware that the jet is still a half hour away from landing, This can help you plan accordingly, knowing that you're unlikely to depart on time.


Know where your aircraft is and when it will be at the gate, even before the airlines do. You can search for alternative flights if necessary long before other passengers even know a flight is delayed or canceled. 

Share this article with family and friends and give them the precious gift of time with these helpful and FREE flight tracking features.

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FlightAware Blog Home    FlightAware's Top 5 Most Helpful Features While Traveling During the Holidays

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