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Enhanced Flight Details

Like millions of aviation enthusiasts and pilots, you may have had or currently use the FlightAware Basic flight tracking account via the web or iPhone app. Basic is a great service, but below you can see all the additional features that are unlocked with an Aviator subscription!
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Aviator Enhanced Features include:

  • Ability to create and share Flight Intents for VFR flights, that can also easily be edited or deleted as needed.

  • More Alert Options for You and Others:

    • Scheduled
    • Powered-On
    • Taxiing
    • Departed 
    • Diverted
    • Arrived
    • Parked
    • Cancelled 

  • More Robust Detailed Track Logs

    • Autopilot Settings
    • Squawk Codes

  • Surface Movements

  • Monthly Flight History Reports (Aviator+)

  • Register your Fleet up to 5 (Aviator) or 10 (Aviator+) Aircraft

  • Estimated Fuel Burns

  • Active Runways Displayed

  • Historical Ground Tracks 

  • Premium Weather Layers

  • Weather Radar 

    • Turbulence & Lightning
    • Satellite
  • Multiple Map Layer Variety/Change Base Map Layers
    • Street Layers
    • Enhanced Sectional & IFR Charts
    • Sky Vector Charts 

Happy Flying!

Interested in learning more about the ultimate flight tracking suite for piston engine aircraft owners and operators?

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FlightAware Blog Home    FlightAware Aviator | Enhanced Flight Details

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