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    Eye on the Skies: Pages to Watch

    We've compiled a list of important pages for you to watch related to holiday travel:

    Christmas Travel Statistics

    2019 vs. 2020 holiday travel numbers starting the Friday prior to Christmas. Note Christmas Day fell on a Wednesday in 2019, compared to a Friday in 2020.


    United States Commercial Aviation  |  Flights/Day

      2019 2020 % Change
    Friday 30,660 18,889 -38.39
    Saturday 29,702 18,948 -36.20
    Sunday 29,018 18,612 -35.86
    Monday 29,896 18,475 -38.20


    Worldwide Commercial Aviation  |  Flights/Day

      2019 2020 % Change
    Friday 105,634 62,024 -41.28
    Saturday 98,678 58,237 -40.98
    Sunday 100,282 59,639 -40.53
    Monday 102,412 57,925 -43.44


    Tracking the Recovery
    Commercial Airline Traffic - United States



    Quick Stats:
    United States Commercial Airline Traffic  |  Weekly Average

    2020 Flights/Day: 16,608
    2019 Flights/Day: 28,820
    Year-over-year change: -42.37%


    Commercial Airline Traffic - Worldwide



    Quick Stats:
    Worldwide Commercial Aviation  |  Weekly Average

    2020 Flights/Day: 55,624
    2019 Flights/Day: 99,796
    Year-over-year change: -44.26%


    Commercial Airline Traffic - Europe



    Quick Stats:
    Commercial Aviation - Europe  |  Weekly Average

    2020 Flights/Day: 8,118
    2019 Flights/Day: 22,449
    Year-over-year change: -63.84%


    Commercial Airline Traffic - China



    Quick Stats:
    Commercial Aviation - China  |  Weekly Average

    2020 Flights/Day: 11,966
    2019 Flights/Day: 14,113
    Year-over-year change: -15.21%


    Commercial Airline: Any passenger airline flights. The FAA refers to this as Part 121 traffic.
    The airline numbers shown in this report do not include canceled flights.


    Business Aviation Traffic - United States



    Quick Stats:
    United States Business Aviation Traffic  |  Weekly Average

    2020 Flights/Day: 9,869
    2019 Flights/Day: 10,735
    Year-over-year change: -8.07%

    Business Aviation: Any turbine general aviation flights that are not commercial or cargo airlines.
    The FAA refers to these as Part 91 or 135 traffic.

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    FlightAware Blog Home    Aviation Stats Update: December 22, 2020

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