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We’re excited to announce the addition of Arrival Runway predictions into FlightAware ForesightSM. More accurate arrival runway predictions can enable earlier planning for taxi-in times. That means more time to make adjustments for early or late arrivals, improved operations, and better yet, happy travelers.

FlightAware Foresight provides industry-leading predictions including ETAs, Taxi-Out Duration Estimates, and now Arrival Runway Predictions. Foresight ETAs leverage the latest Neural Network technology and our models are trained on weather, flight track, and flight status data from hundreds of thousands of historical flights. 

This cutting-edge technology allows airlines and operators to better handle flight delays and disruptions, empowering them to proactively manage their operations and improve the passenger experience.

How Arrival Runways Predictions Work

Within minutes after take-off, arrival runway predictions are emitted as probabilities, and FlightAware's Firehose will emit the top three highest probabilities. Throughout the flight, after each position is received (about every 30 seconds) it will be re-evaluated. New predictions are then only emitted if the probability changes more than 10% compared to the prior prediction.

Arrival Runway predictions

Time-lapse (via kepler.gl) of flights at DFW airport. Individual flight paths are color-coded according to the runway they landed on.

Arrival Runway Predictions are now available in FlightAware Foresight, delivered via Firehose, an enterprise-grade, real-time data feed of global aircraft ADS-B positions and flight status. Contact a member of our sales team today to learn how FlightAware Foresight can offer you a window into the future and change how decisions get made.


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FlightAware Blog Home    Introducing: Arrival Runway Predictions

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