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    HOUSTON, TX, April 29, 2021: FlightAware, the largest global provider of flight information and insights, announced two new additions to the aviation sales teams as it further expands in Europe and the Middle East. Bruno Moreno and Toby Tucker have joined Jack Sosnierz in the London office, and Tony Merrigan based in Ireland. As FlightAware continues to grow within the EMEA region, the company is establishing a dedicated presence staffed with local talent, focused on providing aviation intelligence to our existing and future customers.


    Jack Sosnierz, Aviation Sales Executive

    Jack Sosnierz, Aviation Sales Executive

    Jack Sosnierz joined FlightAware in 2019. Based in London, Jack is responsible for developing FlightAware's customer base and establishing the company within the UK and EMEA.

    Jack comes from well-established airline and airport solution vendors including SITA, Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport where he spent over thirty years in sales, account management, and business development.

    Toby Tucker, Senior Aviation Sales Executive 

    Toby Tucker, Senior Aviation Sales Executive 

    Toby Tucker joins FlightAware as a Senior Aviation Sales Executive based in London. He is responsible for developing opportunities for FlightAware's rich suite of products and services that are central to many airlines, airports, OEMs, and service provider's digital aviation strategies.

    Prior to joining FlightAware, Toby was with SITA where he led their mobile Crew Applications for Cockpit & Cabin Crew. He brings extensive experience in general management and business development, as well as in-depth knowledge of airline operational processes and systems.

    Bruno Moreno, Aviation Sales Executive 

    Bruno Moreno, Aviation Sales Executive 

    Bruno Moreno joins FlightAware as an Aviation Sales Executive in the EMEA region. Originally from Mexico, but now based in London, Bruno is part of the integrations team, helping organizations across all segments of the aviation ecosystem with advanced APIs and data solutions.

    Prior to joining FlightAware, Bruno worked as a Key Account Manager at Cirium. His professional experience includes over 16 years working within aviation, for companies such as LATAM Airlines, and United.

    Tony Merrigan, Aviation Sales Consultant 

    Tony Merrigan, Aviation Sales Consultant 

    Tony Merrigan has worked with FlightAware for over four years. After retiring from the Irish Aviation Authority, having spent twenty-two years as an air traffic controller and a further twenty years as Head of Customer Relations, Tony joined Schuman Associates in Brussels as an associate. 

    Working with FlightAware, Tony has supported the Sales and Marketing teams. With the expansion of FlightAware's presence in EMEA, Tony will primarily support the FlightAware London office while working out of Ireland.

    About FlightAware:

    FlightAware (flightaware.com) is the leading provider of real-time and historical flight information and insights to the global aviation community. FlightAware serves all segments of the aviation marketplace through best-of-breed applications and data services that provide comprehensive information about the current and predicted movement of aircraft. Through the collection, interpretation, and enrichment of hundreds of sources of data, including data from FlightAware’s own proprietary terrestrial ADS-B network spanning seven continents and in 200 countries and territories, the company is able to transform millions of raw flight data elements and deliver them as coherent, easy-to-consume flight stories. As a single source of accurate and actionable data for aviation players large and small, FlightAware is central to aviation. ​


    FlightAware is privately held with headquarters in Houston and locations in New York, Austin, Singapore, and London.


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    FlightAware Blog Home    Announcement: FlightAware Expands EMEA Presence

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