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FlightAware is excited to announce that PiAware 7 has been released. PiAware 7 has several new features including major updates to our latest PiAware SD card image, support for Debian Bullseye, and easier WiFi setup using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) (SD Card Image only).

If you are interested in joining the ADS-B community or want to add to your network, it's never been easier to set up a receiver! 

New Features Include:

  • Operating System: Debian Bullseye
  • Boots on the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
  • Easier WiFi setup using a supported Web browser, iOS, or Android device
    • This feature uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your device
    • More information on this Wi-Fi setup can be found in the PiAware Setup Guide in the image ZIP file
  • Upstream Raspbian security updates and bug fixes

If you would like to run PiAware 7 on Bullseye, you will need to re-image and re-claim your existing site. Instructions on this can be found here.

All previous PiAware installations (non-Bullseye) can update normally by visiting your My ADS-B Stats Page, clicking the gray gear icon, and sending the "Upgrade and Restart PiAware" Device Command.

Note: Some older PiAwares running Buster OS may run into issues updating due to upstream Raspbian changes. To fix this, run `sudo apt update` on the command line and enter yes to the prompt that asks whether to accept a change in Suite value and then try upgrading again. Alternatively, you can reimage to the latest PiAware 7 SD card.

For existing installations, the update includes several improvements and bug fixes. Full changelogs for dump1090-fa, dump978-fa, PiAware, and PiAware-support can be found on Github.

Download Links:
* PiAware 7 SD Card Image: Download here
* PiAware 7 SD card Image with LCD screen support: Download here

For those interested in joining the ADS-B community, FlightAware offers step-by-step instructions to build a PiAware Receiver for under $100.

ADS-B hosts located in areas needing additional coverage might be eligible for a FlightFeeder, a free, prebuilt ADS-B receiver.

FlightAware invites you to join the ADS-B network. You'll become part of a community of aviation hobbyists across the globe and start seeing the skies in a totally different way.

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FlightAware Blog Home    PiAware 7 - Now With Bluetooth Configuration!

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