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Cockpit Situational Insights

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To help with flight operations, FlightAware Global provides users with detailed information about weather conditions and runway configurations at your origin and destination airports.
Detailed Flight Information

A smoother flight with Cockpit Situational Insights

Weather Conditions Detail
No matter what flying conditions you’re under, FlightAware Global features key insights that help make your flying experience safer and more efficient. You can view live aircraft autopilot settings and heading/altitude pre-selects (e.g., LNAV 280° VNAV 12000) directly on the flight tracking page in the "Flight Data" section. Above that section, you can view airport "Weather Conditions," including:
  • Flight Rules (VFR/IFR)
  • Cloud and wind conditions
  • Visibility range
  • Density altitude
  • Temperatures
  • Sunrise/Sunset times


Keep an eye on your runways

Using our terrestrial ADS-B network, we can identify runways currently in use, as well as the runway your aircraft actually used. On the flight tracking page, FlightAware Global users can view the active runways at your scheduled origin and destination, as well as the actual runways used by your aircraft, to understand potential taxi delays and current airport conditions.

Runway Information

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Global users can also access these features using the FlightAware mobile app.
Mobile App

FlightAware Global is a flight operations platform used by over 15,000 business jets across the world for accurate, professional flight tracking. 

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FlightAware Blog Home    Helpful Insights for Pilots

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