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Business Aviation Solutions with FlightAware Global 

For all ADS-B-equipped aircraft, FlightAware Global includes the ability for you to track your aircraft on the ground with Ready to Taxi™. This service includes surface statuses and alerts letting you know when your aircraft powers on, begins to taxi, and parks at its final destination.

Live Ground Tracking for Business Aviation

  • Be alerted as soon as the pilot powers aircraft on at its origin and as soon as it begins taxiing
  • Know that the crew has arrived and the airplane is being prepared for departure
  • Receive updates even before takeoff
  • See which FBO an aircraft taxied to and when it parked
  • Alerts sent via mobile push notification and email
  • Surface statuses and FBO info also available in the iOS mobile app

Watch Your Aircraft Taxi on a Live Surface Map

When FlightAware detects ground positions for your aircraft (either taxiing for takeoff or to park) you will see a live surface stream directly on your aircraft's flight page. You will also be able to see other planes taxiing, taking off, and landing.

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FlightAware Global is a flight operations platform used by over 15,000 business jets across the world for accurate, professional flight tracking.  

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FlightAware Blog Home    Be in the Know with Ready to Taxi™

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