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    FlightAware TV & Automated Flight Log Reports

    Business Aviation Solutions with FlightAware Global 

    FlightAware Global account owners have the ability to customize both FlightAware TV and flight log reports. Here’s the quick overview of these awesome functions that let you look at your fleet both in the sky and by the numbers.


    See Your Fleet with FlightAware TV

    FlightAware Global customers have access to a FlightAware TV fleet map displaying your aircraft. FlightAware TV is renowned for being the ultimate solution for displaying worldwide, live flight tracking and weather imagery. This is perfect for displaying high resolution live maps in offices, hangars, and operations centers!

    FlightAware Global account owners can make a FlightAware TV URL here. If you're not already a Global account holder, you can learn more or sign up here

    FA TV

    Comprehensive Flight Log Reports

    As part of a FlightAware Global subscription, account owners have access to monthly and annual flight log reports for each of their aircraft. This allows for easy reconciliation of flights for reporting purposes using a detailed Excel file. Each report includes all of the data needed for the most comprehensive flight tracking analysis imaginable, such as:

    • Ident and Aircraft Type
    • Origin and Destination Airports
    • Taxi Out, Takeoff, Landing, and Taxi In Times
    • En Route Times
    • Origin and Destination FBOs
    • Powered On and Off Times

    These are automatically sent to your email, but account owners can also access them here.


    FlightAware Global is a flight operations platform used by over 15,000 business jets across the world for accurate, professional flight tracking.  

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    FlightAware Blog Home    FlightAware TV + Automated Flight Log Reports

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