• Premium Weather Layers Provided by DTN

    Whether you’re planning a flight, arranging a dispatch or managing a deviation, knowing the current and forecasted weather conditions improves the safety for everyone on board. All Global account tiers give you access to premium weather map layers, which we cover in detail in this video.

    FlightAware Premium Weather Layers


    Premium Weather Layers Include:

    • Turbulence (N. America and Global)
    • Flight level and forecast options
    • Icing (N. America and Global) - Aircraft type, flight level, and forecast options
    • Lightning -Cloud to Ground or Cloud to Cloud options
    • Wind/Temperature Aloft -Flight level and forecast options
    • Jetstreams -Forecast options
    • Fronts
    • Volcanic Ash
    • SIGMETs and AIRMETs

    FlightAware Global is a flight operations platform used by over 15,000 business jets across the world for accurate, professional flight tracking.

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