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FlightAware is proud to announce that FeederOS 8.0 has been released, providing new features, bug fixes, and improvements to your flight tracking experience. The release includes: 

  • Improved aircraft tracking
  • SkyAware interface updates including new maps and base layers, customizable aircraft table columns, and a customizable interface using URL query parameters
  • CPU temperature, load, and uptime added to the FlightFeeder device status web page
  • Bug fixes and improvements

FeederOS 8.0 is an automatic update and should already be running on the majority of compatible FlightFeeders, you can verify the version you are running on your FlightFeeder by checking under System / System Settings / System Status. If your FlightFeeder is no longer up and running, now is a great time to get it back up to enjoy all the new features that we released and have planned for the future!

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or issues with the upgrade.


For those interested in joining the ADS-B community, FlightAware offers step-by-step instructions to build a PiAware Receiver for under $100.

ADS-B hosts located in areas needing additional coverage might be eligible for a FlightFeeder, a free, prebuilt ADS-B receiver.

FlightAware invites you to join the ADS-B network. You'll become part of a community of aviation hobbyists across the globe and start seeing the skies in a totally different way.

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FlightAware Blog Home    FeederOS 8.0 Has Arrived

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