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Business Aviation Solutions with FlightAware Global 

FlightAware Global customers have access to our most accurate taxi out, takeoff, landing, and taxi in times. This means the times you see for your flights use FlightAware’s machine learning algorithms. We use data from over 50 different data sources and fuse them together to produce the most accurate predictions via FlightAware Foresight™.
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HyperFeed® is FlightAware’s machine learning and rules engine that uses thousands of proprietary models and algorithms to compile, evaluate, and aggregate over 10,000 aircraft position messages per second. 

If you schedule your destination FBO these predicted arrival times will be shared with the FBO and allow the FBO’s staff to track that leg of your flight (even if your aircraft is blocked through the FAA). This ensures that they’ll be ready for your arrival with any requested services.


Benefits of FlightAware Foresight™:

  • Timely delivery of any requested services (i.e. catering or car rental) at your destination FBO
  • Avoid upcoming schedule conflicts with more accurate taxi times
  • Plan your flights around high traffic times at airports
  • All of your flight's stakeholders have access to the same accurate ETAs

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FlightAware Global is a flight operations platform used by over 15,000 business jets across the world for accurate, professional flight tracking. 

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FlightAware Blog Home    Estimated & Predicted OOOI Times

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