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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 

FlightAware is excited to be in Oshkosh, WI, for the 2021 EAA AirVenture convention and airshow, the world's largest annual migration of pilots and grass-roots aviation enthusiasts. For over 50 years, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has been a recognized leader in general aviation innovations.

FlightAware, the leader in actionable aviation intelligence, has always been an avid attendee of the Oshkosh airshow, and we're excited this year to be on hand as an exhibitor! Please come by and visit us at Hangar C, Booth #3153, for important announcements, products to share, and giveaways.

Over the past year, aviation has been forced to adapt amidst the most challenging adversity our community has ever faced. Like so many other important events, AirVenture was cancelled for 2020 due to the circumstances of the global pandemic. This year, as we gather in person again, we're happy to celebrate our appreciation for the tenacity of aviators all across the globe.

Introducing Aviator, FlightAware's Newest Product

There is no better place than Oshkosh, the world's most extraordinary gathering of general aviation pilots, to introduce FlightAware Aviator, the ultimate flight tracking suite for the piston airplane pilot.

Aviator was created by FlightAware's own pilots to elevate the tracking of general aviation planes to the trusted standards of commercial aviation. With Aviator, a seamless communication of alerts keeps your friends and family informed from before flight to after landing, through every phase, with near-zero effort. 

Limited 30% Off 1-Year Aviator Subscription 

Key Features

  • Coordinated Communication
    By submitting VFR Flight Intents through "Add Upcoming Flight," you unlock the ability to alert friends, family, and FBOs of your upcoming flight and any changes in ETA.
  • A Unified Dashboard
    View live aircraft autopilot settings, active runways, and weather conditions, including origin and destination airport temperature and visibility. 
  • Comprehensive Flight History
    From surface visualizations showing taxi and runway ground tracks, to complete flight tracks airborne, with Aviator you can conveniently access your digital flying history. For every tail number registered, you'll receive a comprehensive monthly report of your airplane's history. Rentals included. 

    Aviator Displays

Exciting ways to stay involved with FlightAware at Oshkosh:

  • FlightAware operates the world's largest network of ADS-B receivers, and our resident expert, ADS-B Program Manager Eric Mathews, will give a presentation - "You Can Build Your Own ADS-B Receiver" - on Tuesday, July 27th, at 11:30 am, in Forum Building 10. Please join Eric to learn how simple it is to build and operate your own ADS-B receiver, and how personally rewarding and fun the excitement of home flight-tracking can be.
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  • During the week of Oshkosh, July 26, 2021 - August 1, 2021, FlightAware is unlocking free access to our exclusive surface tracks feature, used by FlightAware Global, and Aviator customers. By simply searching for any aircraft tail number, you'll be able to track down where specific aircraft are parked on the grounds of Oshkosh. 
  •  Follow us on social media, where we'll stream live from the grounds of Oshkosh, showcasing planes, airshows, pilots, and more! We're also holding a photo contest with daily giveaways, where you could win a TV, a free FlightAware Aviator account, or a cool FlightAware swag bag.
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  • Sign up for Aviator, the ultimate flight tracking suite for piston airplane pilots.
    During the week of Oshkosh, Aviator will be 30% off for a one-year subscription!

Limited 30% Off 1-Year Aviator Subscription 

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