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How to use the configuration settings on the "My ADS-B" page at flightaware.com

These settings allow you to customize the configuration of your site. If you have more than one site, please select the site first in the drop down list near the top of the page. Once the site is selected, click the gear icon on the right side to open the Configuration window.

My ADS-B Settings

The following settings are available (please note that some settings are not available for certain types of sites):

  • Public Profile - This lets you choose whether your username and full name or only your username displays when viewing your site(s) on flightaware.com.
  • Site Name - This is a custom name for your site that displays on your My ADS-B page. This is useful if you have more than one site, e.g., you might label one site "Home" and another "Office."
  • Precision on coverage map - This controls how accurately your site location is displayed on maps. You may use this to hide your site's exact location for privacy.
  • Outage emails - This configures if and when you receive an outage e-mail when your site is not detected online by FlightAware. This can alert you to a potential problem with your site.
  • Nearest airport - This allows you to set the closest airport to your site. The closest airport is referenced when displaying a position you contributed in a flight's "track log" on flightaware.com.
  • Mode S Multilateration (MLAT) - If you have PiAware, this enables or disables participation in MLAT. Most users want this enabled because it lets you track more aircraft.
  • Configure location - This is where you set the latitude and longitude location of your antenna. For any type of site this lets us know where your site is so it can be shown on the coverage map. This setting is required for MLAT to work on PiAware and FlightFeeder devices.
  • Configure height - This is where you set the height of your antenna. This helps to improve MLAT calculations.
  • Auto-update PiAware software - For PiAware sites, this determines if FlightAware may push software updates to your device automatically. Enabling this option helps you stay up-to-date easily without any extra work.
  • Device Commands - For PiAware sites, this allows you to easily send commands to the device such as to initiate an upgrade manually.
  • Log - This is a read-only section that displays technical data about your PiAware or FlightFeeder's operation. It may be used for troubleshooting when necessary.

Control Panel


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FlightAware Blog Home    Configuring "My ADS-B" Settings

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