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Whether you are traveling five days a week or once a year, Flighty offers seamless pilot-grade flight tracking for all your flights. By leveraging FlightAware’s real-time, historical and predictive aviation information platform, Firehose, Flighty provides exclusive features plus the fastest push alerts in the industry.

To give readers a more in-depth look at our partnership, we sat down with Flighty to talk about how they are utilizing FlightAware data to keep customers informed every step of the way. 

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How does Flighty and its users utilize FlightAware data?

Flighty gives everyone the ability to track their flights like the pros. We’ve automated all the frequent flyers tips, tricks, and secrets to tell you exactly what’s happening with your flight.

Key features include:

  • Fastest push notifications - FlightAware's Firehose powers the fastest alerts in the industry, often faster than airline apps, airport boards, and almost always faster than pilot announcements. 
  • 25-hr Where’s My Plane - Inbound planes are the #1 cause of delays, so we alert you to any issues on inbound routes, starting 25-hours before your flight
  • Pilot-grade data - We are the only “personal flight tracker” using this quality level of data. Then we consult with other frequent flyers and pilots to bring unmatched accuracy, experience, and visibility to flying.


Is the insight you get with FlightAware's data different from what you had before?

In head-to-head testing, FlightAware proved to be the only choice that withstood the test of a premium flight tracking experience. Amongst the reasons were three really huge benefits:

  • Avg 110 seconds faster alerts
  • 20% more Tail Numbers 
  • 25% wider European coverage

Do you have any success stories so far? If so, can you provide more details?

The easiest way to illustrate our experience is that we no longer get “Well FlightAware has it” emails! In flight tracking, innovative features don’t matter unless we have data speed and accuracy. This transition locks in those foundational elements so we can focus on solving end user's problems.

FlightAware’s superior data quality has allowed us to:

  • Expand rapidly into Europe and Asia, thanks to improved accuracy there
  • Offer real-time rolling 60-day arrival forecast history, in the past we had up to 15-day delay, but now there’s no delay
  • Have 80% fewer data related customer support tickets


How do you see this growing in the future?

We have all seen the effects of the pandemic on the travel industry, but as flight traffic continues to climb we expect to see an increased need for the convenience and insights offered with Flighty App. 


Any final thoughts?

Airlines and airports frame air travel as an unknowably complex experience – it’s not really, it’s just better for them if your expectations are low and you’re always waiting around for them. But they know exactly what’s happening, so why can’t you? Flighty is currently offering complimentary Flighty Pro on everyone's first flight, you can try it out here.  

FlightAware Firehose is an enterprise-grade, real-time, and predictive data feed of global aircraft ADS-B positions and flight statuses.

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FlightAware Blog Home    Partner Spotlight: Flighty  |  Using FlightAware Firehose to Provide a Stress-free Travel Experience

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